We have all gone to the doctor due to an ailment that is causing pain in our bodies. We do not feel well and just want some relief. As a person who gets sinus infections yearly, I try to self medicate and take over the counter medicine. Depending on the severity of the infection I have, over the counter medicine just will not work. I never want to go to the doctor, maybe that is the doctor in me, but I know that is the only way I am going to receive medicine that will make my sinus infection go away.

I was tired of feeling sick and took a trip to urgent care, checked in, and waited for my turn to see the doctor. Once called back to the exam room the doctor comes in and asks what is going on. I began describing my symptoms of watery eyes/nose, congestion, headaches, sinus pressure, and itching. The doctor tells me what I already know, “You have a sinus infection, Mrs. Davis.” He then precedes with the course of treatment. He states that he is going to write me a prescription for a steroid and an antibiotic.

In my experience, both the steroid and antibiotic prescribed for sinus infections have been tapered dosages. Which simply means, the higher dosage is consumed day one, and the lower dosage on the last day. The medicine prescribed is usually for five to seven days. One of the things the doctor tells me after prescribing antibiotics specifically is to complete the required dosage. The reason is this will stop the infection from returning and reduce the risk of the bacteria becoming resistant to the antibiotic. Once I completed my dosage of the prescribed steroid and antibiotic, the sinus infection was gone.

Just as I had a sinus infection that needed treatment with medication that could only be prescribed by a doctor, there was another infection that consumed me that could only be treated by “The Doctor”. See, I get sinus infections annually, but this infection was one that had been festering, dwelling, and consuming me for at least five to seven years. It was in year seven that I realized something was wrong with me. As much as I despise going to the doctor, I knew it was the only way to receive the medication needed to get better.

In the seventh year, I began consulting “The Doctor” for what was going on with me. After my initial consultation, and describing my symptoms He wrote me a prescription. When He handed me the prescription it said “Write” in bold print. I thought this is not the typical medical treatment. “The Doctor,” said, “Brandy, this is not your normal medical situation. You need to start back writing.” He said, “Writing is the only way to cleanse yourself of the infection that has consumed you.”

I took my prescription and in this seventh year, I did begin to write, but in typical Dr. Brandy A. Davis fashion, I stopped taking my prescription, and the infection returned, and let me tell you it was worse than the first time. I felt terrible. This was year eight of being sick. I went back to “The Doctor” for another consultation.

I went through the process of describing my symptoms again. He asked me what happened. I told Him, I stopped taking my prescription. “The Doctor,” wrote me the same prescription as before to “Write” but this time it was different. He wrote me six prescriptions that all began with the word “Write”. Following the word write, were these words: Acknowledgement, Self-Will, Fulfillment, Embracing, Resistance, and Acceptance.

Then I heard that familiar tone. “Brandy, these are the types of writing prescriptions I needed you to take. This is your medication for your infection. “He said do not stop writing. This is the required dosage, this is the order that I need you to take it in, and that I needed to complete what was prescribed to stop the infection and prevent it from returning. is This will reduce the risk of becoming resistant to writing.”

Did I fill my prescription? Did I complete the recommended types of medications? Did I complete the dosages? Did I adhere to His instructions? If you are ready to find out, come along with me on the writing exploration of “The Prescription Pad: Purge to Purpose ” as I release the prescriptions The Doctor prescribed to rid myself of the infection that consumed me in The Cleanse.