Within the last five years or more, detoxing has become very popular. The J.J. 10-day green smoothie cleanses, the Iaso tea detox, and the skinny cleanse juices are several that may be familiar to you.  One of the main purposes of a cleanse is to detoxify the body of impurities to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle.

Cleansing for a healthier lifestyle could involve the following:

  • Lose Weight

  • Increase Energy Levels

  • Prevent Chronic Disease

  • Boost Immunity

  • Regulate Bowel Movement

Can any of you relate to the desire for any of these purposes?

I’m sure you can identify with several of these results for cleansing. Some would be amazed to know that some of these same results can take place with spiritual detoxes.  Many of us focus on physical detoxes but do not understand that spiritual detoxes are just as necessary, if not more. I know the importance/necessity of spiritual detoxing from personal experience. Through my recent journey, I discovered what I needed was not physical, but spiritual. It came in the form of spiritual cleansing.

A series of situations and circumstances in my life put me in a place where I had to seek Dr. Jehovah-Rapha on how to jumpstart a healthier spiritual lifestyle which ultimately led me to a healthier physical lifestyle. You may ask who Dr. Jehovah-Rapha is. Jehovah-Rapha means “The God who heals”. What was His prescription for me? My prescription was to purge through writing. Through my spiritual cleansing process, I discovered six areas that aided in detoxifying my spirit through my gift of writing. Adhering to what He prescribed, ultimately led me to discover that I was purging to purpose.

It is very important that you keep an ongoing account of your progression on this spiritual detox journey. I have developed The Cleanse Journal to assist you with scribing your personal purging to purpose.

The Cleanse – Digital Journal